Friday, June 16, 2017

9 Layers Kueh 九层糕

9 Layers Kueh is one of my favourite childhood kueh.  I did only 6 layers though..*lol.... This recipe ingredients amount relatively less and so i make less layers.  I do not have a proper square pan so i used a 6" round pan.

Happy Cooking!!

200g Tapioca Flour
20g Rice Flour
300ml Coconut Milk
150g Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
1/2tsp Pandan Paste
260ml Boiling water
Food Coloring

* Boil Sugar and Pandan Leaves in a pot of water until sugar completely dissolve. Add pinch salt mix well, set aside to cool.
* In a bowl, Sift flours and add in sugar water, mix well to a smooth batter.
* Divide portion into two or more bowl as depending on the layer color you desire.
* Add in coloring / paste, mix well.
* 6" round pan, brush tray with oil.
* In a steamer / wok add in water and some pandan leaves, let water boil.  Do not drip water vapour into tray.
* Scoop a full ladle, steamed each layer for 5 minutes, repeat the same process until all use up. Starting with white layer. Steam the last layer a little longer.
* When it is done, remove tray from steamer.  Let it cool or overnight before cut.

Definitely need a lot of practice to achieve good looking layers 

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