Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Avocado Egg Triple Decker Sandwich

I love Avocado....yum yum...full of nutrition and contain natural fats that is good for my daily diet.  Avocado Egg Triple Decker Sandwich?!! Ahh....that already sounds mouth-watering! That is the best healthy meal to fill a hungry stomach and most of all, it is easy to make! Definitely suitable for a quick breakfast, light lunch, snack or light dinner throughout the day!

3 slices of white bread ( toasted )
1 ripe avocado
1 large fried eggs 
1 tomato ( slice )
Thinly slices of cucumber  
3 lettuce leafs
Tomato sauce

* Slice Avocado and Tomato thinly and set aside.
* Spread Mayonnaise and tomato sauce on each side of the toasted bread. Set aside.
* Place 1 bread on a serving plate, place a lettuce leaf, slices of tomato and cucumber with 1 fried egg, top with 2nd toasted bread.  Add slices of Avocado evenly, top with last piece of toasted bread.
* Served chilled or room temperature.
* Enjoy! 

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