Friday, June 16, 2017

Fresh Fruit Cake for ME birthday 14th Dec 2016 ! Make myself a huge delicious Vanilla Fresh Fruit Cake.  It was so good!! The only thing wasn't perfect is the whipped cream.  Little thing that when i thought its easy, it turn to be the biggest problem among all.   I have no problem in whipping all the time, just too bad, i guess its the brand i bought whatever is that, it wasn't a good one and i won't going back for that particular brand ever again.

Back to my lovely cake, it was yummy.  A huge Basic Sponge Cake, was a good choice to bake this cake for my birthday.

( 8" round pan )
5 large egg yolks
25g sugar
1tsp vanilla
85g water
65g oil
135 cake flour
1/2tsp double baking powder ( added )
5 large egg whites
90g sugar
1/2tsp cream of tartar

3-4 fresh kiwi fruits
10-15 strawberries
1 canned peach

1 1/2 cups Whipping cream
Icing sugar to taste
drop of Vanilla

* Beat egg whites & sugar until stiff peak set aside.
* Beat egg yolks & sugar till double volume, add vanilla and oil.  Beat a little and add in water with a mixer to blend, add in sifted flour with a mixer to blend in slow speed.
* Mix in meringue in 3 batches.
* Prepare 8" round pan, line base only, no need grease side.
* Pre-heated oven 150c.
* Bake at 150c for 25 minutes, increase temperature to 170c for 60 minutes.  ( original baking time of baking 140c for 25minutes, 160c for 40 minutes )  Its depends on your own oven temperature.
* Remove cake from oven into wire rack, wait for 15-20 minutes before remove cake from pan.  Side will shrink a little, run knife around and invert cake to wire rack to cool.
 * To assemble the cake - slice cake horizontally into 4 layers.  Place bottom layer on a serving plate, fill with whipped cream and place slices of strawberries dollop cream on fruits and layer with another cake, do the same with the rest until top layer.  Cover with whipped cream.  Top with fruits of your choice.

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