Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fruit Pastry Cake (III)

I love Fruit Pastry Cake, this is my 3rd bake for this particular cake.  I remember the 1st time i made was too sweet for me as i follow the recipe sugar amount, just too sweet and so on my 2nd bake, i reduce sugar from 170g caster sugar to 130g brown sugar and it turn out great.  For this 3rd bake, its all perfect!

This cake seriously smell fantastic!! First, its simply beautiful, this definitely a perfect cake to present for guests over tea or as birthday gift. This cake was made for a very special person birthday anyway.

Lets get on the recipe below.

100g Butter
130g Brown Sugar
50g Strawberry Yoghurt
210g Cake Flour
3 Eggs
1tsp Vanilla
1tsp Lemon/Orange Zest
1tsp Double Baking Powder

Fruits ( canned peach, fresh strawberries and blueberries )
Icing Sugar for dusting

* Line base and lightly grease and dust 8" round pan with flour
* Sift flour, DBP set aside.
* Cream Butter, Sugar and Yoghurt till fluffy.  Add in beaten eggs, one at a time, I mixture may look curdle.  Add in Vanilla mix well.
* Fold in sifted flour, DBP in 3 addition mix until combine with a hand whisk.
* Pour batter into round pan.
* Arrange fruits on top.
* Pre-heated oven, bake at 180c for 1 hour 40mins for a perfect brown top with my oven. ( adjust your own oven baking time, this cake recipe standard baking duration is 1 hour only )
* Insert toothpick to check the cake.  When its cooked, remove from oven cold on wire rack for 20mins, remove cake from pan.
* When cake is cool, dust with icing sugar amount of your liking.

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