Saturday, June 17, 2017

Coconut Sweet Buns

Afternoon tea must have this buns. Oh..yeah! yummy! Every piece just reminded me my childhood days, mom love to buy this for me, i just love the sweetness of the coconut. Every bite is magic in my mouth. 

500g Bread Flour
100g sugar
5g salt
11g yeast
30g melted butter or oil
1 whole egg
220g water
1 egg wash

COCONUT FILLING ( for 9 pcs ) 
125g freshly grated coconut
70g caster sugar
30g butter,softened
30g egg, lightly beaten
* Mix eveything in a bowl, set aside.

* In a mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together. Beat to 7 minutes until a smooth dough.
* Transfer dough on working table, dust with flour, knead for a while.
* Cover dough with a towel, let it rise in double, around 30 minutes. 
* Any extra dough, can freeze in airtight container with a cling wrap.
* Take a portion of dough, round out 9 pcs of buns. Take 1 round dough flatten it, put coconut filling in the center, seal edges pinch tightly.  Flatten with a rolling pin to oblong shape, make 3 or 4 cuts at the folded end but do not cut right through to the end, use hand to pull it longer, twist dough pinch to seal the end. 
* Place buns on flour dusted pan.  Let rise for 15 mins until double. 
* When ready, brush with egg wash.
* Bake pre-heated 190c for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

these smell so so good when its out from the oven!! aahh...the kitchen smell fantastic

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