Thursday, June 1, 2017

Prawn Noodle Soup

This is another hassle free, quick and shortcut way of serving yourself a bowl of delicious Prawn Noodle at home with a packet of instant paste solve all the long hour of broth cooking.  I am using Tumisan Mie Udang (Paste For Prawn Noodle) make life so much easier nowsaday.

The paste itself taste very much to the original broth, all i need to do is add all the condiments to the dish and voila! A bowl of deliciousness right in front of you! :)

It is easy, quick and delicious!! 

So far, this brand is yummy! i bought this in Malaysia

1pkt Prawn Noodle Paste ( can served up to 6 bowls of noodle soup )
Yellow Noodle ( enough for 2 bowls ) 
1 bunch kangkung ( blanch )
beansprout ( blanch ) 
Cooked Prawns ( removed shells ) 
Shredded Chicken
Slices of Fish Cake
Toufu Puff ( Toufu Pok )
hard boiled egg
1500ml water

Salt and Sugar to taste ( optional )

Fried Shallots
Spring Onion 
Sambal ( chili paste ) 


* Blanch kangkung ( water spinach ), beansprout, taufu pok, prawns, chicken and yellow noodle set aside.
* Cook hard boiled egg, set aside.
* To make the broth:- In a soup pot, add 1500ml water, bring to boil mix in 1 packet of instant Prawn Noodle Paste, keep boiling under low fire and season to taste and off fire.
* Meanwhile, prepared bowls of noodle, garnish with blanch vegetables, fish cake, prawns, taufu pok and other condiments.
* Pour hot broth onto noodles, sprinkle with fried shallots and spring onion and served hot. 

Happy Cooking.


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