Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mocca Nougat Roll / Cake

03.06.2017 - Has anyone heard of Mocca Nougat Cake? A year ago, Indonesia igers went viral with this cake and so am I was so curious what was special about this cake that everyone wants to bake! Finally down to a year now, I manage to bake one to try myself.

Now why do you think it took me so long to bake this cake? It is because when this cake goes top of the world, not much people are kind enough to share the recipe, as a year goes by, i finally saw people posting it! im glad, since i have been searching up and down for the 1st baker recipe, i finally get it from instagram.  I did alot of comparison though from recipe to recipe.  But i will try the original recipe 1st then will go to a larger cake.

Today i am baking Mocca Nougat Roll.  Its small and easy!!   I know why people love about this cake! It is extremely aromatic! If you love coffee mocha. this is the right cake for you! The whole cake coated with crunchy sugary peanut, that is the famous part of the cake the "Nougat" It was the crunchy sugary peanut.  When mocha mix with crunchy peanuts! you know how good it taste! Its delicious!

When this cake was done, I do not know why the sponge cake wasnt as light as it suppose to be, indeed looking for a lighter sponge cake texture for this cake though....will try another recipe when time to come. However, it was delicious too, I personally love the nougats thats what they called it and the coffee mocha SMBC, i found this paste is the best among all paste!! that coffee mocha aroma just takes my breath away!! it smells good and taste so delicious!!

Look at those nougats ( crunchy sugar peanuts ), they are so yummy!

4 egg yolks
2 egg whites
60g sugar ( original 65g )
75g melted butter
50g cake flour
8g corn flour
8g milk powder
1tsp "MAGLAM" coffee mocha paste

* Line 20x20 square pan with grease paper set aside.
* Beat egg yolks and sugar till ribbon stage add in mocha paste.
* Sift in cake flour, corn flour and milk powder fold gently with a spatula ( Do not over mix ) and mix melted butter with a spatula until well combined.
* Preheated oven at 180c, bake for 20-25 mins center oven.
* When its done, removing cake from oven, wait for few minutes, removed cake from pan and carefully remove the baking sheet and roll up the while its still warm. skin side up. Let it cool on the rack.
* When it is cool, unfold cake and fill SMBC sprinkle some nougats and gently roll it back, keep in fridge and let it chill.
* Remove cake from fridge on pan/cake plate, coat cake with buttercream and finish with nougats coating all over cake.
* Served chilled or room temperature. 


This is the paste i used, so good!!

100g caster sugar
150g peanuts ( with / without skin )

*Roast peanuts with wok, stir fried until fragrance. set aside. ( if you used peanut with skin, pls removed skin )
* Heat clean wok, add in sugar, do not stir. let it caramelize to brown color, off fire, fold in peanuts, mix well with a wooden spoon and transfer sugar peanuts on a baking pan that has lightly grease.
* Spread sugar peanuts, let it cool, harden.
* On a baking pan, use a mortar to crush the sugar peanuts. I prefer to have some good bites of the peanuts, so i do not crush it so fine.
* Keep in a zipper bag.

( I don't used this butter cream recipe, i used SMBC for this cake )

125g Butter
70g sweeten condensed milk
1/2tsp mocca paste

* Beat butter until double volume, add in sweeten condensed milk and mocca paste, beat until all combine.

150g cold butter
2 egg whites
60g sugar
1/2tsp "MAGLAM" coffee mocca paste

* Double boil egg whites and sugar, whisk till sugar melt, removed egg whites, beat on high speed until peak and add cold butter, keep beating until it has become smooth cream, add in mocca paste mix well.

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