Thursday, June 1, 2017

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

This is for sure is everyone's favourite dish!! The golden color salted egg yolks chicken, yummy!!

4-5 salted egg yolks ( steamed and smashed )
2 chicken boneless breasts ( cubes )
10-15 curry leaves
3 chopped chilies
3 chopped garlic cloves
2tbsp butter

2tbsp light soya sauce
dash of pepper
1 egg white
Potato starch or Corn starch
Oil for deepfried

sugar and salt to taste
chicken granules

* clean chicken, cut into cubes.  Marinate chicken with 2 tbsp light soya sauce, pepper, 1 egg whites for 10 minutes.  Coat chicken with potato starch or corn flour deepfried in medium fire oil until golden brown dish up and set aside.
* Steamed salted egg yolks until welldone.  Smash with a fork and set aside.
* Heat 2tbsp oil 1tbsp butter, add in smash salted egg yolks, stir fried until foamy, dish up set aside.
* Heat 1tbsp and 2 tbsp butter into hot wok, add in chopped garlic, chilies and curry leaves let it sauteed and mix well, add in cooked salted egg yolks and seasoning.  Add in fried chicken cubes mix well to combine, taste and dish up!
* Served with steamed rice.

Happy Cooking!!


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