Friday, June 16, 2017

Jengkol Rendang

This is kind of a late post, was back in Dec last year cook myself this ultimate dish, my kind of favourite food - Jengkol Rendang!. Yes, taste better than beef as i always say. This is so addictive.  The purpose i used Rendang Paste is to intensify the Rendang flavour. Its so yummy.

1kg Jengkol
1pkt Rendang Paste ( Indofood )
Coconut Milk ( from 1 whole grated coconut )
5tbsp Kerisik/Toasted Coconut ( from 1 whole grated coconut )
1 lemongrass
4 daun salam
1pcs gula merah
Salt to taste
Cooking Oil

8 big shallots
5 cloves garlic
10 chili keriting / 4pcs big chili
6pcs candlenuts

* Boiled Jengkol in hot water over pot for 30 minutes or until a layer of skin removed from Jengkol seeds. Dish up. Discard Jengkol skins, if there are any still attached to the seeds, slowly remove with knife.  Halve the Jengkol and smash each Jengkol lightly and set aside.
* 1 grated coconut, squeeze out coconut milk set aside, Toast grated coconut on wok with low fire until brown / kerisik. keep aside for later use.
* Blend all spicies until fine with food processor, set aside.
* Heat wok, add cooking oil, sauteed spicies paste, lemongrass, daun salam until aromatic, add kerisik lightly mix well and add 1 packet of Rendang Paste stir until all combine.
* Add in coconut milk and little bit of water one at a time, mix well and in Jengkol, cover lid and cook slowly until Jengkol is well cook through and gravy almost dry. 
* Dish up and served hot with warmed rice.

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