Saturday, June 17, 2017

Butter Milk Buns

When I google Butter Milk Buns, google will show all kinds of different type of round buttermilk buns with butter milk coating.  My childhood Butter Milk Buns in Sabah doesn't look anything like that.  The only correct search google recognize is when i type " Sarawak Butter Milk Buns" it will appear exactly what im looking for.

Sarawak Butter Milk Buns is exactly the Sabah type of Butter Milk Buns, don't forget to mention the  Brunei Butter Milk Buns too looks, shape and taste the same either round or oblong shape. So basically i found that these 3 countries have the same buns, taste, look and shape. Probably i should called them the Borneo Butter Milk Buns instead of Sarawak Butter Milk Buns ...hehehe...

These buns are so good, I could really finish the whole batch in one time! too yummy! I have been making countless times, so far so good. i used the same recipe 

I only changes i have made was the rising time, i reduced the total rising duration of 2 hours to just 30 minutes for the whole rising process!! can you imagine how much time i have save and it works just fined. I divided the dough to 7 portion oblong shape, fill and shape.  Rest for another 25-30 minutes before bake.  Bake at 180c 35 minutes until golden brown.

 so darn good!! yummmmmmm

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