Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jengkol Belado

Another favourite cooking of mine " Jengkol Belado " nothing goes better than eating this stinky beans!! hahaa......They are simply delicious!  These were cooked months ago, its making me really dying for some!!

1kg Jengkol

Handful chili keriting
6 large Shallots
3 large Garlic Cloves
2-3 Daun Salam
1 Tomato ( blend separately ) 

Salt, Sugar and Chicken Granules to taste 

* Boiled Jengkol in hot water over pot for 30 minutes or until a layer of skin removed from Jengkol seeds. Dish up. Discard Jengkol skins, if there are any still attached to the seeds, slowly remove with knife.  Halve the Jengkol and smash each Jengkol lightly and set aside.
* Heat wok, add 5tbsp cooking oil.  Add in blended sambal ingredients except for tomato. Sauteed sambal until aromatic.  Add in daun salam and season to taste and add in blended tomato mix well, cook for few minutes and add in Jengkol stir and mix well to combine.  Let it cook if necessary to add little water at a time, until Jengkol well cook and coated with sambal.  Dish up.   
* Served hot with warm rice.

This is about 1kg Jengkol.  This is how Jengkol looks like from the tree with hard shells.  On the Red bowl, shells has been removed, those are Jengkol seeds, which will be boiled to removed another layer of brown skin attached to the seeds.  

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