Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Swirl Chocolate Butter Cream Cheese Cake

Seriously this is so delicious! It is that buttery flavour of creamy buttery cake mix with bites of cream cheese hmmm....nothing gets better than this! so far is the best combination ever for butter cake i suppose.  For this bake, i created a simple swirl pattern with dollops of cream cheese on top.  Looks so much beautiful and adding a deliciousness to our eyes before we taste it! yeah!


Ingredients (A)
250g Cream Cheese ( room temperature )
60g Granulated Sugar
1 Egg
1tbsp Corn Flour
* Beat all ingredients until double volume and set aside.

Ingredients (B)
250g Golden Churn Butter
130g Granulated Sugar
4 large whole eggs ( or 5 medium eggs )
1tsp vanilla
200g cake flour ( reduce 4tbsp replace with 4tbsp coco powder )
5tbsp milk
1tsp chocolate paste

* Grease and line base & side 8" square pan.
* Pre-heated oven 160c ( i preheated my oven at 180c )
* Beat Ingredients (A) set aside.
* Ingredients (B) - Beat butter & sugar until double volume, add in egg one at a time follow with vanilla, mix and mix well.  Fold in sifted flours ( cake flour, coco powder ) into butter mixture mix well, batter might be little lumpy and its normal.
* Pour half of chocolate batter into pan, follow by 80% cream cheese layer on top of chocolate batter,  and pour the remaining chocolater batter on cream cheese layer. Last 20% cream cheese dollops on chocolate layer and use a toothpick swirl both cheese & batter together.
*  Bake at 180c 1hour 10 minutes in middle rack. Another 10 minutes moved to lower rack. ( Please note that if use a lower temperature to bake remember to longer the duration of baking )

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