Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coconut Tart

06.11.0213 - Batam.  I have a bag full of grated coconut left from my kueh making yesterday.

So thinking to make something with grated coconut to use up all the grated coconut.  Here is one of the very great idea, bake some coconut tarts to finish it :P

Coconut Tarts
Makes 12 coconut tarts

Mix the coconut filling first before pastry.  B cos Coconut Filling need to refrigerate for 1hour

Coconut Filling :-
150g Grated Coconut + 1/2 cup again added ( b cos i have a lot of grated coconut so to use up! :)
100g granulated sugar
25g flour
2 eggs
1/2 tsp baking powder
100ml evaporated milk ( I use fresh milk because no evaporated milk available )
3/4 cups or 175ml of cold water

* Mixed all dry ingredients in a bowl and with a spoon to mixed well.  Add in wet ingredients milk & water mixed well with a spoon. The mixture should be watery.
* Refrigerate mixture for 1 hour then do the pastry dough mixing.  ( i refrigerate my mixing only 25 minutes only )

Ingredients Pastry: 
200g Flour
1 egg yolk
140g butter ( soften )
70g icing sugar

* Mixed and knead the butter pastry into dough but put everything inside and hand mixing.
* Spread some flour on the working table and knead there. keep kneading until everything is mixed.
* Refrigerate the dough for 20mins until it is in workable state. ( my dough is workable, so i refrigerate only maybe 5 mins )
* After out from Fridge.  Roll out dough and divide into 12 portion.
* Use 2 thumbs to press the dough into tin.  Tidy up edge with your index fingers.
* Pour Coconut fillings into tart with a large spoon to 80% fulled and tap on it to flatten the fillings.
* Bake in middle rack.  Bake at 200c to 20-25 mins. ( bake for 45 mins )
* Remove from Oven.  Let them cool down and remove tart from tin. They should come out easily!

( The tart is really moist inside but not wet and most importantly not dry.  It is so delicious and the pastry shells were so buttery and crunchy, so delicious )

1) This recipe makes approx 12 egg tarts. Im using recycle aluminium foil tin.
2) Keep the tart tins on the table when you mould the pastry into the moulds.
3) Use your index fingers to guide your thumbs and keep the edges nice.
4) You do not have to refrigerate the dough if it is already in a workable state.
5) The butter should be softened.
6) The heat in my oven doesn't seem to circulate very well (from my experience in baking egg tarts and coconut tarts.)

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tiffany thu said...

Thank you, these looked really good, with just the right moisture. I'm going to give it a try!

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