Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stir-Fried Bee Hoon

I absolutely Love stir fried bee hoon.  It is a quick, easy and delicious dish. You can just use any ingredients for this dish no matter what style you cook. Here is my stir-fried mee hoon, which i cooked quite a big portion for a friend farewell party! :)

1 pkt Bee hoon / rice vermicelli, soak in hot water for 5 mins and rinse with cold water and set aside.
Garlic, finely diced
1 big onion, julienne
few fresh young baby corn
few fresh wood-ear mushroom or dry mushroom soak and slice into smaller pcs.
1 green capsicum, julienne
1 red capsicum, julienne
1 fresh carrot, julienne
quater round cabbage, julienne
Handful amount of Beansprout
2 eggs
Shredded chicken / seafood

spring onion finely chop
omellete eggs, finely cut into strips

Light soya sauce
Fish sauce
Sesame oil
Salt, white pepper & chicken granules to taste


* Heat pan, ( prepare garnish ) beat in 2 eggs make a simple omellete cook till golden brown and dish up and cut into strips. put aside.

* Heat wok, in garlic and big onion mixed well and stir till aromatic add in vegetable carrot & baby corn stir a few minutes to cook down and add in Red & Green capsicums, cabbage and wood-ear season salt, pepper, chicken granules and dash of oyster sauce mixed well and dish up. put aside

* Prepare a big chopstick use for stir-fried Bee Hoon.  Clean wok and heat up with some oil, add in some garlic and crack in 2 eggs, stir a second and transfer Bee hoon on the eggs. do not stir, add in seasoning light soya sauce, fish sauce, salt, pepper, dash of sesame oil. mixed well with chopstick.  ( use chopstick is easier to stir fried long Bee Hoon )

* When everything mixed well, add in cooked vegetables and fresh beansprout.  mix well. Taste your Bee hoon, if is not salty enough, add some light soya sauce or fish sauce which you can stir more even then adding salt. Mix well and dish up.

* Garnish with strips eggs and sprinkle with spring onion. and served hot. :)

Happy Cooking!!

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