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Pandan Ogura Cake

29.11.2013 - Batam.  Have you heard of Ogura Cake? I did but never pay attention to the recipe not until i saw this beautiful Pandan Ogura Cake from one of my facebook friend.  The Ogura cake looks so beautiful and fluffy, so i google imagine and pick myself some good Ogura recipes to compare and pick one to try on.

I have never made an Ogura Cake before, but the recipe looks easy almost similar to cotton cheese cake with water-bath baking and method of mixing is almost like chiffon cake.  After reading a few ogura recipes from some people who commented were saying, not cook, some too moist, shrinkage and go on and on.  Maybe is because of the oven temperature. this recipe used 150c, but my oven used 160 or 170c. see is different or else the cake will under cook with the time stated in the recipe.

Well, I just need to bake and experience myself..hehe... Sometimes is our skill and the way we beat the white or the yolk or mixture of the batter, different oven temperature that cause all the damage. we cannot rely on the recipe telling us what to do.  We must know how far we understand the steps, the way of doing it correctly and lastly our own oven temperature.  we must have our baking sense and comment sense.  For me is very simple, the more we bake, the more better we will be. so generally, practise makes perfect.

So i give it a try.  Ogura Cake comes in many type of flavour.  Today i make my very first Pandan flavour Ogura cake.  This recipe was adapted from Amy Young Recipe.


egg york         100g ( i used eggs 5 yolks = 100g )
whole egg       1
salt                 1/4 tsp
corn oil           60g
pandan juice    70g ( few pandan leavaes, after blend my pandan juice green layer of essense less than 1/4 cup of pandan essense less than 70g )
coconut milk    20g ( i used 2 tbsp of thick coconut milk from box )
superfine flour 75g ( i used normal fine flour sieve 3 times )

egg white      200g ( i used 6 egg whites = 200g)
castor sugar  80g
lemon juice   1 tsp

utensil :
7"square spring-form pan ( I used a 8.5" square pan )

Method :

1.  Beat the  egg yolk,whole egg,salt,corn oil,pandan juice and coconut milk until fluffy. ( i beat egg yolk and whole egg till double volumn then add in corn oil, pandan juice and coconut milk and beat for 1 minutes until it is well combined )
2.  Shift in superfine flour, then mix it until smooth and well combined, put aside. ( sieve in flour and mix well with a balloon whisk. )

1.  Beat egg white + lemon juice + castor sugar until stiff. ( mix in sugar in 3 batch )
2.  Mix method A's mixture with egg white mixture evenly .(apply chiffon cake mixing method)
3.  Pour the mixture(B2) into the square pan, try to get rid of the air by lightly tapping the pan.
4.  Put pan into a larger pan half-filled with hot water. Bake with preheated oven at 160'C for 30 min then turn down to 150'C for 15 min or until baked.    bake at the same temperature as recipe, at the middle of the oven, water bath baking, tray fills water, water tray place below oven.  I bake another extra 10mins 160c because my top cake not too brown, i still find it not too brown, but i just let it as it is from now. maybe i will bake a little longer and increase the oven temperature when i make this cake again. ) 
5.  Once baked, remove from the pan immediately, inverted on a rack and let it cool.

My Pandan Ogura Cake baked perfectly! No shrinkage or under cook. This recipe is good to keep.

Very Easy and Happy Baking!

 Egg yolk, 1 whole egg, oil, salt, Pandan juice and coconut milk and flour mixture 

 Make sure you beat until stiff peak.

The texture is super soft, cottony, airy and its simply melt in you mouth. Is that delicious.

 look at that tiny finger prints on the cake....i know who did this when i was away! 

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