Friday, November 22, 2013

Peanuts & Anchovies Titbits II

Ingredients :-

1 cup Dried Anchovies, clean and soak in hot water for 5 mins and discard water
1/2 cup Peanut
Sugar, melt sugar to syrup with 1/2 cup of hot water
Asam Jawa, for assam juice only, discard seeds

Method :-
* Washed anchovies, drained and deep-fried till crispy.
* Stir-fried peanuts, fried till golden not burned.
* Head wok, add in sugar syrup & asam juice to taste.  Cook with slow fire, stir till syrup thicken and add in fried anchovies and peanuts. Mixed well and dish up.

* you may add little cut chili if you love it spicy before syurp & asam juice cooked.

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