Thursday, November 28, 2013

Soft Roll / Dinner Roll

26.11.2013 - Batam.  As you could see the Sausage Bun Recipe i have posted earlier two type of breads using the same amount of ingredients, made 5 sausage buns and 7 soft rolls.  You can use this recipe just for any type of buns, but i am greedy, to make into two types with one recipe :)

Here are the pictures of my Soft Roll or Dinner Roll and you can get the recipe at this web page :

Originally this recipe was from Butter Milk Bun.  I used this recipe to make into any sweet buns I desire, and i bet if i am going to use this as some savoury buns, it would be as good as the sweet bun.

You can have all kinds of ideas to use this dough.  Use any type of fillings you want, such as red bean buns, peanut buns, coconut buns, like what i did to make some soft roll and sausage buns out of this dough.

So here you are, a good sweet dough recipe that can be used in various style and you do not need to stress yourself to look for this or that recipes to make different kind of buns.

 Nothing is better than a fresh homemade soft roll that is so soft and warm with a cut of cool butter that melts in your mouth.

Gone in second!! 

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