Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stir-fried Bitter-Guard with Small Dried Anchovies

1 large bitterguard, clean & slice finely
2 garlic, finely chop
2 chili, finely chop
1/3 cup small dried ikan bilis/anchovies, soak in hot water and discard water

1 tbsp Osyter Sauce
1 tbsp Chicken Granules
Dash of Pepper
Salt & Sugar to taste
1/2 cup water


* Heat wok, in a cup of cooking oil, deepfried small dried anchovies till golden brown and dish up put aside.
* Heat wok, sautee garli and chili, season with salt and peper. Add in bitterguard stir and mix well. Add oyster sauce, chicken granules and sugar to taste. If you want less bitter, can add more sugar. Stir and mix well till combine.
* Add water and cover lid for 2 minutes and open lid stir again for a minutes and dish up.  Sprinkle bitterguard with fried anchovies and serve hot with rice.

Simple and Easy, Happy Cooking!

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