Friday, November 22, 2013

Thai Mango Fish

1 whole Fish, recommended fish Gourami, Red Snapper or big Talapia

Marinate Fish:-
Dash with salt, let it marinate for hour

Mango Sauce:-
1 whole half ripe semi sweet mango, julienne
bunch of coriander leaves, cut about 1" short
Parsley, optional to replace coriander leaves if you run of either one
4 thai chili
3 shallots, finely slice
1 lemongrass ( white part ), finely slice
2 lime juice, to desire sourness
3 tbsp Fish Sauce
Palm Sugar to taste

Cashewnut or Peanuts, gently ground a little.
Coriander leaves.


1.  Prepare Mango Sauce. Mixed everything togather, gently squeeze mango with other ingredients while mixing so as the mango juice and seasoning mix evenly.

2. Heat wok, add cooking oil to half a wok. medium fire, deepfried fish till golden brown and dish up.

3. Just before served pour in Mango sauce on the fried whole fish and sprinkle with ground cashewnuts or peanuts and a few coriander leaves, served hot with white rice.

Note: if the mango sauce produce too much juice/sauce, you can discard it. 

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