Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stir-fried Young Bamboo Shoots with Fermented Red Beancurd

Young Bamboo shoots reminds me of my family, mom and dad.  I saw this the other day in the market. I bought some home and dying to eat them!!

The fresh young bamboo shoots from the market already been boiled about half cooked.  It can keep up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

It has been ages never had this in my life.  I remember my mom cooked this when i was in my teenager age, my dad always not happy with the bamboo shoots dish.  He always didn't want to encourage us to consume so much of this bamboo shoots.  Bamboo shoot has a bad name in our family maybe for my dad experienced.

Bamboo shoots are well known too bad for human if consuming too much, cos of its related toxicity contain and parts. could cause irritation on skin allergy and was a great agent to boost up all the bad effect after eat.  Seriously especially pregnant woman not allow to consume too much of this, later on the baby will have all kind of skin allergy and irritation.  This happened to one of my cousin.

So i have not been eating young bamboo shoots for a very very long time in my life not because i experience bad effect after eat but just never come across of eating bamboo shoots.   But to tell you the truth, its so delicious!! dad no longer here to stop me. :) i love you dad.

1 plate of young bamboo shoots, clean and boil once more
1/2 boneless chicken breast, slice and marinate
2 garlic, finely chop

Marinate Chicken :-
1 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tbsp corn starch
dash of sesame oil

2 tbsp Osyter Sauce
4 cubes of Fermented Red Beancurds 
Chicken Granules to taste
Dash of Pepper
Salt & Sugar to taste
1 cup water

* Marinate chicken set aside

* In a clean bowl, put red fermented beancurd with 2 tbsp water, press and mix with water set aside.

* Heat wok, boil water, add in young bamboo shoots and set aside.

* Heat wok, sautee garlic till aromatic, add in chicken stir fried till brown at both side and aromatic, Add in bamboo shoots and add in red fermented beancurds, stir and mix well. Add oyster sauce, chicken granules and sugar to taste. Stir and mix well till combine.

* Add water and cover lid for few minutes and open lid stir again for a minutes and dish up.  Optional you could sprinkle with chop spring onion and serve hot with rice.

Simple and Easy, Happy Cooking!

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