Thursday, November 28, 2013

Express Kaya ( Coconut Egg Jam )

29.11.2013 - Batam. This morning, i wanted to make kaya toast bread for hubby, but ran out of kaya, so get my pan and make a cup of Kaya (coconut egg jam) instantly.

Making our own kaya at home is simply easy, no need cook for hours and double boiled to get a fine delicious kaya like store bought. My express kaya just took 30mins to cooked, is as good as the 2 hours kaya cooking method that i've used on my 1st kaya making and the result just as good as store bought.

No sweat No wait. You can save half of your time to do something more important.

Smooth like silk. Smells and taste delicious!

4 egg yolks 
200ml 1 box coconut milk 
3tbsp granulated sugar ( if you don't want to use granulated sugar, just use the entire recipe with gula java sugar )
1 round pc = 1/3 cup of gula java or gula melaka. 
3 pandan leaves 


In a small bowl, separates eggs from egg yolks and whites.  We only need the egg yolks for making kaya, and make sure no egg whites are attached with yolks.  Keep egg white for other usage and keep aside egg yolks. 

Direct fire from the stove, this kaya recipe no needed double boiled method to cook kaya.  

Get a sauce pan, in 3 tbsp sugar, gula java, coconut milk and pandan leaves in the sauce pan.  Over medium-high heat, stir constantly till gula java is melted and coconut milk is just starting to simmer gently. Turn off heat.

Now, gently stir in half or all of the coconut and sugar mixture into the bowl of 4 egg yolks. When it has mix well, pour all of egg mixture into remaining coconut milk or the same sauce pan and switch on stove medium-high heat. Cook and stir constantly combined mixture till slightly thickened abd started curdling up.  Reduce heat to low. Continue stirring till mixture is thick enough to coat spoon thickly. Off fire.

Transfer to a bowl.  Discard pandan leaves. If the kaya doesn't look smooth, just transfer to a hand blender, blend kaya for just a second and it will be as smooth as silk! 

Leave it to cool. and transfer to a jar and refrigerate. Kaya probably could stored up to 2 weeks. 

Happy cooking!

 you only need 5 ingredients or probably 4 if you do not want to use granulated sugar

1st stage, keep stirring egg & coconut mixture

 2nd stage, the mixture is slightly think, keep stirring until it is thicken

 3rd stage, the kaya almost done.  At this stage start curdling, keep stirring for a few minutes and dish up kaya to a bowl

 Removed the pandan leaves and transfer to hand mixer / blender. 

 I only blend this like one second and it became smooth and you're done!

  Before and after blend

 Look at how smooth after blend for a 2nd, and how beautiful the kaya is, you can transfer to a clean jar

 smells perfect with the coconut, pandan n gula java 

 Into a jar

 So delicious

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