Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hong Kong Egg Tarts II

12.03.2013 - Batam.  I was so desperate to make some egg tarts for my son but unfortunately i do not have evaporated milk. So i replace with fresh milk.  I used the same recipe of the Hong Kong Egg Tart i have posted on my blog. 

The baking time eventually end up more longer, because i find that the egg tarts were still wobble in the centre of the custard, and it still quite watery.  I let it bake longer and end up have a burn edges around the tarts.  

So i find that using fresh milk replace evaporated milk is not a good idea.  Fresh milk just didn't hold it together as firm as evaporated milk.  Anyway, when it was cooked, the custard was sunk in a little when it was cool and burnt edges.  Custard wasn't that firmed but the tarts still taste as good and edible.

Conclusion, tart is edible and looks good but if you are expecting a good firm egg custard, i recommend you to use evaporated milk.  

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